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New combination subsoiler and disc setup can be adjusted on the move

Combi-DiscAt LAMMA [Stand no. G45], OPICO will be launching the new 3m HE-VA Combi-Disc which subsoils, cultivates and consolidates all in one pass. It is designed so that the depth of tines and discs can be separately adjusted, hydraulically, whilst on the move.

OPICO’s James Woolway explains: “The Combi-Disc is an evolution of two HE-VA products: the Combi-Lift and the Disc Roller, both of which have been sold in the UK for nearly a decade, and will still continue to be available separately.

“The Combi-Disc brings together the subsoiling and disc elements in one frame, and with HE-VA's clever design, the components can be individuallyadjusted, from the tractor seat.”

There are 5 hydraulic reset tines on the 3m Combi-Disc which subsoil to a 40cm (16") depth. 
The increased stagger between them results in less ‘soil squeeze’ and so a lower hp is required. The 510mm diameter discs which follow the subsoiler legs will cut and mix to a depth of 125mm (5"). The following 700mm V profile press roller gives good consolidation to leave a weatherproof finish.

A short video showing the hydraulic adjustment whilst the machine is working, can be seen on the OPICO

An additional option is to fit Easy Draft legs and points in front of the Combi-Disc – this further reduces hp requirement and also creates better drainage. This minimal soil inversion technique ensures blackgrass seeds are not brought to the surface.

The machine on the OPICO stand at LAMMA is the 3m hydraulic reset 5-leg Combi-Disc with a 700mm V Profile Roller. It has a total weight of 3,600kg and costs £19,063 + VAT.

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