OPICO is also the UK distributor for the HE-VA range of equipment, that includes Subsoilers, Combi-Lifts, Disc Rollers, Triple Tiller Stubble Cultivator, Front Presses, Grass Rollers, Cambridge Rolls and King Rolls.

OPICO is now the UK distributor for the Sky range of equipment, that includes Mintill DrillsPneumatic Direct Drills and Gravity Fed Direct Drills.

OPICO is now the UK distributor for the Strautmann range of Mixer Wagons, Forage Wagons and Muck Spreaders.

Latest News

Flexibility and efficiency of Strautmann forage wagons to be demonstrated

Visitors to the OPICO stand at Scotgrass, [on 18th May] will be able to see how Strautmann forage wagons bring flexibility and efficiency to silaging operations

3 weeks ago

First working demonstration of the Sward Rejuvenator

Visitors to Scotgrass [on 18 May 2016] will be able to see the first working demonstration of the HE-VA Sward Rejuvenator, launched last year at the Royal Welsh Show by OPICO.

4 weeks ago

OPICO appoints new Maschio Gaspardo Service Manager

OPICO has appointed Chris Clark as new Maschio Gaspardo Service Manager.

4 weeks ago

Welcome to OPICO

OPICO is one of Britain's largest independent distributors of agricultural machinery with over five decades of experience and knowledge of the trade.

The company currently is the sole UK importer for the following machinery brands:

OPICO - these include gas and diesel batch grain dryers, large grassland range of machines, post hole diggers and Avadex applicators, plus many more. 

Knowledge of Grassland and Arable Farming agronomy has also been a focus for OPICO over recent years in order to improve how the machines work and give more benefits to customers. Work with Masstock and Openfield on Oliseed Rape, and Limagrain, Growhow, UPL and ACT on the grassland side has allowed OPICO to learn from the collective sharing of knowledge.

HE-VA - Best known for producing one of the most advanced high quality sets of rolls on the market for over 10 years, HE-VA continue to make and develop machines with the aim to increase work rates and improve soil condition to suit the need of individual farms across the world. HE-VA also offer an extensive range of cultivation machines that currently offer subsoilers, disc cultivators, stubble cultivators and fronts presses to name several.

Sky - Sky-Agriculture Seed Drills provide high capacity drilling solutions for all soil conditions and cultivation systems. No matter which model you choose the design focuses on achieving maximum productivity by allowing drilling in a large range of working conditions to increase the window in which crops can be established.

The Sky attention to detail can easily be recognised on first inspection. Every drill is finished to very high standards and there are a range of clever features to make them very user friendly. 

Strautmann - Established over 80 years ago, Strautmann has developed market leading expertise in the fields of agricultural transport, livestock feeding, forage harvesting and muck spreading.

The Strautmann range of vertical Mixer Wagons which are available with both single and twin augers, in capacities of 7.5m to 31m cubic metres.

The Strautmann range of Forage Loader Wagons are available in 23m to 50m cubic metres capacities with 32 - 45 knives.

Strautmann muck spreaders are available in 10.5m to 20m cubic metres capacities with two horizontal beaters and two spreading discs an are suitable for spreading a variety of muck.

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