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Till-seeding and Till-feeding

Till-seeding is rapidly becoming the preferred and cost effective way of establishing oilseed rape. It offers a low cost drilling system with a better guarantee of producing a good stand, compared to alternative low cost systems.

One of the main drivers of oilseed rape yields is good establishment. Crops need to cover all the field and establish a tap root and stock to ensure survival through winter followed by vigorous spring growth. To ensure that the crop gets off to a good start to capitalise on the potential from till-seeding, it needs feeding. The best way to do this is to place the fertiliser precisely where it is required, rather than across the whole field, effectively creating a nutrient rich seedbed for the crop.

Omex solution fertilisers offer the most effective means of accurately placing nutrients with 100% solubility in the right place for the emerging seedling. They also offer self-loading without any storage issues or bag recycling.

Advantages of subsoiler till-seeding

Saves money compared to conventional drilling
More rapid turnaround
Creates ideal conditions of moisture and seed to soil contact for emergence
Minimal moisture loss in dry conditions
Helps the plant quickly establish a large, vigorous root system
Reduces the impact of compacted soils
Previous crop residues reduce chance of weed establishment between drills
Leaves stubble around young plant to deter pigeons

Advantages of till-feeding
No fertiliser application cost
Major saving in nitrogen requirement, up to 75%
All of nitrogen captured by crop, reducing risk of leaching loss and allowing adjustment of spring top-dressing rates
Flexibility to work well within NVZ limits
Can include either a replacement or starter dose of phosphate
Can include slug repellent
For best results, it is highly recommended that some phosphate is included in the till-feeding mix. A small dose of phosphate placed in close proximity to the seed can reduce the impact of cold, wet soils and aid vigorous establishment.


Products and recommendations

Nitroflo 30N: contains 39 kg nitrogen per 100 litres product
For use where only nitrogen is required
Application rate 20 l/ha (equivalent to 40kg/ha N in seeding zone)

Omex 17-8-0: contains 21 kg nitrogen and 10 kg phosphate per 100 litres product
For use where a phosphate starter effect is required
Application rate 40 l/ha (equivalent to 42 kg/ha N and 20 kg/ha P 2 O 5 in seeding zone)

Omex 16-16-0: contains 20 kg nitrogen and 20 kg phosphate per 100 litres product
Provides starter effect plus maintenance rate of phosphate
Application rate 40 l/ha (equivalent to 40 kg/ha N and 40 kg/ha P 2 O 5 in seeding zone)

Omex 7-20-0: 9 kg nitrogen and 25 kg phosphate per 100 litres product
Traditional starter fertiliser, provides full maintenance rate of phosphate
Application rate 40 l/ha (equivalent to 18 kg/ha N and 50 kg/ha P 2 O 5 in seeding zone)

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