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Welsh muck and soil event showcases kit: HE-VA Sward Rejuvenator

Extending its suite of grassland rejuvenation equipment, OPICO's latest machine is the HE-VA Sward Rejuvenator. 

Sward RejuvenatorOn display at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society, Muck and Soil event was a three meter mounted model.  It comprises a row of Shatterboards, two rows of heavy duty harrow tines, a grass seeder and a staggered set of serrated rollers.  Each element of the machine can be hydraulically adjusted.  For a more aggressive action, the Shatterboards can be fitted with a set of slicing plates. 

The machine is ideal for use in badly poached fields which require restoration.  It can also be used - minus the seeder - for harrowing grassland to remove trash and stimulate grass growth, and for molehill levelling.

In addition, the action of the new heavy 600mm diameter roller cracks and breaks clods produced by the front equipment to create a fine tilth for grass-seed to germinate in.  As a result the machine can be used for both grassland rejuvenation and reseeding of cultivated land.

As reported in the machinery section September 15th 2017.


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