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SKY’s 8m EasyDrill will be at the LAMMA show 2022

Sky 8m EasyDrillSKY’s 8m EasyDrill will be on show at LAMMA.  Launched earlier in the year the 8m EasyDrill follows the same exacting standards and design principles as the 4m and 6m pneumatic drills.  Sharing the same coulter line, multi hopper capacity and sophisticated electronic system.

Glenn Bootman, Product Manager for SKY in the UK commented ‘The 8m EasyDrill delivers for the larger acreage farm, where higher HP tractors are generally available from previous crop establishment systems.  The additional width allows a higher work rate for this most versatile of drills ’

With up to four hoppers, and being able to drill product at two different depths, accurate placement of multiple combinations of seed and/or fertilizer at two different depths is possible.  Separating the placement depth of seed and fertilizer increases the efficacy of applied nutrients and eliminates the risk of shoot burn with certain fertilizers.

The main hopper is split between grain and fertilizer each with its own pneumatic distribution.  In addition, the option of up to two separately metered PRO hoppers can be integrated so that seed or micro granules can be introduced via either distribution circuit.

Continuing, Glenn Bootman remarked ‘The ability to seed from four hoppers at once allows so many possibilities e.g. mixed cover crops/companion cropping/small seeds/slug pellets to be added as desired. It also combats the risks of seeds of different sizes settling out in the hoppers.’

The 8m drill is ISOBUS ready and supplied as standard with Sky’s Quartz 800 control box.  However, E-Drive premium can be specified which offers left and right section control as well as electronic row shut off for each individual outlet, meaning that the drill can be set to seed with a number of row configurations from the touch of a button.  This ability to shut off individual rows also means that whatever the width of the sprayer or spreader it no longer needs to be a multiple width of the drill.  This function allows farmers and contractors to change sprayer/spreader width without having to renew the drill.

With row spacings of 16.6cm, the 8m drill services 48 coulters each with seed and fertilizer outlets. 250kg coulter pressure provides the versatility to drill straight into hard stubbles, cultivated soils and direct and through cover crops. An additional feature of the coulter line is the ability to transfer weight hydraulically between the front press wheels and the rear press wheels. This feature comes into its own when, under damp and/or loose soil conditions, weight is transferred onto the front press wheels and in dry seeding conditions the weight can be moved to the rear press wheel for improved slot closing.

LAMMA Show 2022


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