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Sky no-till and min-till drills debut at Cereals

For the first time at the Cereals event, OPICO will showcase its two highly adaptable Sky drills - the no-till EasyDrill and the min-till MaxiDrill – both able to cope with a range of soil conditions and cultivations systems.

The EasyDrill is straight forward to set-up and use, and its unique design confers great versatility. It is suitable for no-till, minimum till, or conventional drilling systems, and is also an ideal choice for drilling into cover crops.

The MaxiDrill is designed to provide a high speed minimum tillage drilling solution with various options which give it the flexibility to work in a conventional plough-based cultivation system, and also as a no-till drill in light soils. Moreover its clever design allows drilling to continue even when conditions turn sticky.

Commenting James Woolway, OPICO’s Managing Director said, ‘Despite a challenging drilling season this spring, the Sky drills have continued to perform reliably and consistently allowing growers to get drilled despite difficult weather conditions.  Both drills will be on the OPICO stand and technical staff will be delighted to go through their specification with visitors’.

Sky no-till and min-till drills debut at Cereals

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