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Find out how to save time and money with a self-propelled diet feeder

Dairy farmers can find out how to save both time and money when mixing diets by heading to the OPICO stand at UK Dairy Day, Telford to see the self-propelled Verti-Mix SF diet feeder.  As well as costing less to mix rations and feed the herd on a daily basis, this machine comes with a bespoke, monthly, serviced hire package which replaces the need for capital investment.

Verti Mix SFThe obvious saving provided by a self-propelled diet feeder comes from dispensing with the need for a telehandler, tractor, and trailed feeder wagon.

However, the biggest savings come from reduction in fuel and labour.  A 25 – 30% saving in feeding time is commonly achieved when changing to a self-propelled diet feeder.  This comes from the reduced shuttling back and forth to clamps and feed storage areas as the machine is able to collect exactly what is required in one visit.  The fast mixing action of the Vario2 auger, coupled with the fact that all the silage is milled as it is collected, also speeds up the mixing process.  On multi-site dairy units, self-propelled feeders save even more time and fuel, and therefore money.

Based on 5 hours usage per day, serviced contract hire is available from £1,980 per month for 60 months. Exact monthly payments depend on multiple factors, and a bespoke quote will be generated following an on-farm visit.

On-farm demonstrations with the Verti-mix SF will be starting in October. Farmers can register their interest on the OPICO stand.

Also on display at UK Dairy Day will be a trailed Verti-mix diet feeder, plus machinery for grassland improvement: a Grass Rejuvenator, a Grassmaster harrow with seeder, and a Sward-Lifter.



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