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Flexibility and efficiency of Strautmann forage wagons to be demonstrated

Visitors to the OPICO stand at Scotgrass, [on 18th May] will be able to see how Strautmann forage wagons bring flexibility and efficiency to silaging operations: working demonstrations of the Giga Vitesse 3601 and the unique CFS (Continuous Flow System) will be held through the day.

The Giga Vitesse forage wagon picks up mown grass from the field, chops it evenly, and serves as transport back to the clamp. Due to the short distance between the rotor tines and knives, an exact cut is achieved with little power required. And thanks to the CFS unit, the wagon is evenly filled with grass across its entire width allowing faster loading, requiring less power, and enabling a higher tonnage per cubic metre to be transported. 

The Giga Vitesse 3601 being demonstrated has a capacity of 65m3 (34m3 DIN) and costs £70,389 +VAT. Prices for Strautmann’s smaller models start from £42,698 +VAT.

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