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OPICO Micro-Pro update brings Greater Stability

OPICO’s Mounted Micro-Pro Avadex applicator has been updated for the 2016 season to provide more strength and stability and all existing customers are being offered a free upgrade to the 2016 build.

Based on feedback from farmers and contractors over tens of thousands of hectares, it was recognised that the 2015 machine could be improved to increase boom stability and working speed when put to the test on uneven fields. As a result, the 2016 machine incorporates a number of new features and improvements and OPICO has seized the opportunity to contact customers and offer a free upgrade for 2015 models. 

Twin shock absorbers have been fitted to a new central boom section to reduce exaggerated yaw and sway on rougher terrain. Combined with a new outer section tension bar on each boom and new boom section latches, the overall effect is to significantly smooth out the ride and keep product application (whether Avadex or slug pellets) even and accurate.

OPICO have gone a step further, totally replacing the machine’s centre boom section to give the machine greater longevity and strength. A re-designed boom stowage plate and lock have further improved the support when folded, protecting the machine against wear and tear in transport.

Commenting, Angus Steven, Product Manager said, ‘Customer support is our top priority and we are keen to make sure all our 2015 Micro-Pros are updated to the higher specification machine that we  will have on display at the 2016 Cereals Event. Users should quickly see the improvement in boom cushioning from the new shock absorbers, allowing them to work at a maximum application speed,   whilst still maintaining the precision application they expect from the Micro-Pro 16.

We are all under increasing scrutiny when applying crop protection products and OPICO will continue to support its clients to help them work professionally, within industry stewardship recommendations, whilst maintaining optimum working speeds and precision application.

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