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OPICO has all your grass needs covered

After the long wet winter followed by drought in many areas this summer grassland is in a poor state.  This coupled with rising feed costs presents an ideal opportunity for farmers and contractors to repair and rejuvenate grass leys.  Distributed under the OPICO, HE-VA and Maschio brands OPICO will have the right machine for the job.  

OPICO Grass Harrows and Air Seeders, OPICO 3 leg sward lifter, Maschio Rota-Seeder and HE-VA grass rejuvenator.  The OPICO team will be on hand to advise on which machine is best suited to individual requirements.

HE-VA’s Grass Rejuvenator is designed to over seed or reseed grassland.  Its aggressive levelling board two rows of tines and “star” rings cultivate and level grassland or soil creating the ideal tilth for seed to germinate in. 

Maschio’s Rota-Seeder enables one pass seeding and is particularly effective where soils are shallow or stony.  The Maschio rotavator is fitted with appropriate blades to create a shallow tilth, together with an OPICO Air Seeder, to allow rota-seeding straight into burnt off leys or cereal/maize stubble.

OPICO’s Sward Lifter is designed to alleviate compacted layers in the soil, opening up subsoil to improve drainage and air interchange without significant damage to the productive sward.  It is available with 3 or 5 legs and with shearbolt or hydraulic reset stone protection.  Re-designed for 2019, the frame has been strengthened making it even more robust than its predecessor. Most importantly, the cutting disc - which opens the sward in front of the subsoiler leg - is now mounted on a spring-loaded trailing arm, enabling it to trip out of the way of obstacles more easily and protect the machine from damage.  

OPICO’s range of spring tine Grass Harrows have revolutionised harrowing grass over the last 20 years.  With flexible beds adapting to the ground contours and with aggressive and adjustable spring tines to scarify and clean out the sward, open up the soil surface, stimulate growth and encourage a healthier sward, more productive grassland will follow.  Partner Grass Harrows with an OPICO Air Seeder to over or re-seed as you go.

For more information on any of the grassland machines, please speak to OPICO or contact your local dealer.

Photo:  OPICO's re-designed Sward lifter

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