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OPICO Grassland Rejuvenation Machinery - Loweswater lake

Worried about the impact their farms are having on Loweswater lake, a group of farmers is using two OPICO grassland rejuvenation machines to reduce run-off.  

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Sward SlitterOPICO's Sward Slitter, for rejuvenating topsoil by removing compaction following grazing, is a key piece of kit to tackle shallow compaction. 










Sward LifterOPICO's Sward Lifter, designed to restructure the soil at depth, is used as part of the armoury to protect the lake and improve the land.





Both machines can be pulled by the Loweswater farming group's tractors - mostly about 150hp, six-cylinder tractors of varying brands with one as little as 100hp.


Article first appeared in Farmers GuardianMarch 2020 

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