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New V Conveyor for Strautmann Verti-Mix

Ahead of this year’s Highland Show, Strautmann has introduced a new design of discharge conveyor for its Verti-Mix feeder wagons. Specifically adapted to dispense feed onto the floor as well as over a feed barrier or into a trough, the new V conveyor has been simplified to reduce the number of moving parts to help extend belt longevity, therefore reducing ownership costs.

The V Conveyor has one continuous PVC unloading belt which, in addition to being able to discharge to both to left and right, can be set by the operator to increase discharge height by up to 55cm, as well as providing a side shift of approximately 25cm. 

Twin hydraulic motors provide drive for the conveyor and pivoting deflectors at each end ensure material is channelled in the correct direction. These swing into place automatically when the belt changes direction and do not require an additional hydraulic or electric function to operate.  V Conveyor

All Strautmann Verti-Mix diet mixers feature the unique Vario2 stepped auger which tumbles the mix, producing a fluffy homogenous mix faster.  

The Strautmann Verti-Mix can be seen on the OPICO stand at the Highland Show [Avenue R, stand 240: 20-23 June]. Or farmers can visit or contact their local Strautmann dealer – details of which can be found on the website, or by contacting OPICO on 01778 421111.

Photocaption: The new simplified design of Strautmann ‘V’ Conveyor has fewer moving parts to reduce ownership costs.


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