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New slurry injector for use with grass slitter gives improved nutrient utilisation

At LAMMA, OPICO is launching a new slurry injector, for mounting onto the 6m hydraulic folding Sward Slitter. Called the Slit Injector, it gives improved nutrient utilisation over splash plate applicators as slurry is delivered down to the ground and into the slots made by the slitter blades, reducing nutrient losses due to volatilisation and evaporation.

The Slit Injector dispenses slurry through 36 outlets which are directly aligned with each of the 4-blade rotors of the Sward Slitter.

OPICO’s grassland product specialist Neil Robinson explains: “While splash plate slurry application offers only a 20% nutrient efficiency, because the Slit Injector delivers slurry down to the ground and to the root zone, it gives an estimated 85% nutrient efficiency, a significant benefit by comparison.”

The Slit Injector also has the following: heavy duty inline rubber outlet nozzles with adjustable height control; a Vogelsang ExaCut distributor to macerate the slurry, complete with large capacity stone trap and easy drain port; a heavy duty double swing arm fitted with robust double-acting hydraulic line feed valve, with a Bauer HK108 (4”) female line fitting - alternative line fittings are available on request.

The Slit Injector costs £11,978 +VAT and the combination of the 6m hydraulic folding Sward Slitter and Slit Injector costs £20,512 +VAT.     

For more information, farmers and contractors can call OPICO on 01778 42111 for details of their nearest OPICO dealer.

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