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Revamps to mechanical drive air seeders bring extra benefits at no extra cost

At the LAMMA Show, OPICO is launching new and improved versions of its mechanical drive Variocast 8 seeder and Air 8 seeder. They now benefit from a larger hopper (180litres), and a new control box which receives feedback from three new sensors on the hopper. These alert the operator when seed level is low, if there is a fault with the metering drive, or an airflow problem. These improvements come at no extra cost: the price of the mechanical drive Variocast 8 seeder remains at £4456, and the Air 8 seeder at £4776.

The new features of the mechanical drive seeders are already present on the electric drive versions. However, the hopper on both these models has also been re-designed, giving them a greater capacity and a more modern look.

The costs of the electric drive seeders also remain the same: the Variocast 8 is £6664 and Air 8 seeder, £7072.  For more information, contact OPICO on 01778 42111.

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