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New Disc Roller ‘Contour’ Range for Precision Shallow Cultivations

HE-VA has updated its Disc Roller range to improve contour following and allow more precise cultivation.  Originally launched in 2003, the HE-VA Disc Roller is a popular shallow disc cultivator on UK farms. Whilst the new Disc Roller Contour uses the same proven disc elements, it also now incorporates HE-VA’s tried and tested Special Active Transfer (SAT) system from its Roller range. This allows the machine to follow field contours and ensures even consolidation across the full working width of the machine.

Precise depth control and uniform soil movement across the operational width are vital if employing reduced tillage or creating stale seedbeds for blackgrass control.  The new SAT system on the 2017 Disc Roller Contour makes this possible, even on undulating fields.

The model sizes available in the new Contour range have changed to allow machines to tie in with guidance and Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) systems. Disc section working widths of 3.25, 4.25, 5.25, 6.25m and 7.75m are available, with each machine utilising a press roller 0.25m wider than the disc section to ensure an even, consolidated finish. The Disc Roller Contour 650, with a 6.25m working width, will be unveiled on the OPICO stand at the LAMMA event in 2017.

Commenting, James Woolway OPICO Manging Director said, ‘Since its launch, there have been very few changes to the well-proven HE-VA Disc Roller. However, to keep up with farming technology, the new Contour range has been improved and widened.’

‘We did review the size and profile of the discs, but no other combination was able to move the soil as well as the current 510mm Sabre Disc, so this hasn’t been changed. The Sabre disc is a relatively flat disc and hence moves soil without creating a disc pan, unlike more concave discs.’

The Disc roller also incorporates hydraulic depth adjustment and an automatic angle adjustment system, to ensure optimum disc angle for different working depths.

To ensure the machines are equally effective across a variety of weather conditions, 75mm more clearance has also been added between each row of discs and the roller, to stop blockages even in damp conditions.

Alongside the standard single row of V Profile Rings, the Disc Roller Contour ‘Twin’ model incorporates different roller options. A twin V or twin U profile ring can be specified to suit different soils. These new roller options provide different consolidation for specific situations and should ensure that there is a machine suitable for every customer’s needs.

Whilst the Disc Roller is capable of primary and secondary cultivations in standard specification, adding a shattaboard is a cost-effective way to create a true multi-purpose machine. Shattaboards can be fitted to all trailed models to break down clods, consolidate and level worked soil which allows the discs to do a better job of cutting and slicing to create the final seedbed.

Trailed and mounted versions are available from 2.25m to 7.75m working widths with larger models due later in 2017.  A trailed 6.25m Disc Roller Contour will be on display on the OPICO HE-VA stand at LAMMA. It retails at £ £39,104 +VAT.

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