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New 3m Trailed Combi-Disc offers Low hp, Single Pass Cultivation

New 3m Trailed Combi-Disc offers Low hp, Single Pass Cultivation.

A new 3m HE-VA trailed Combi-Disc will be launched on OPICO's stand [B10a] at LAMMA, offering a high output, versatile machine for deep soil loosening and surface cultivation in a single pass.

Designed so the depth of both the subsoiler legs and discs can be adjusted hydraulically from the tractor seat, the operator can make independent adjustments on the move for accurate control of cultivations. 

Commenting, James Woolway, OPICO's Managing Director said, 'Following the success of the mounted Combi-Disc launched a year ago, the trailed version will significantly reduce the weight on the back of the tractor allowing lower hp tractors where appropriate, whilst being easier to transport longer distances on the road.'

New for 2016, there is an optional minimal disturbance disc opener available on the trailed version. This slices through the surface layer in front of the subsoiling leg to reduce soil burst, minimising surface disturbance and keeping blackgrass seeds buried.

There are five hydraulic reset tines on the 3m Combi-Disc which subsoil to a 400mm (16") depth, with quick-change replaceable points. The 510mm diameter scalloped Sabre discs which follow the subsoiler legs will cut and mix to a depth of 125mm (5"). The two rows of opposing discs can be hydraulically adjusted and, as they are pushed deeper in the soil, the angle of the disc is automatically altered, increasing their aggressiveness, to thoroughly mix and chop crop residues. The following V profile press roller gives good consolidation to leave a weatherproof finish.

The Combi-Disc is an excellent tool for working ploughed land prior to drilling or for incorporating stubble and organic matter in a min-till system. A seeder kit can be added to plant cover crops or oilseed rape whilst cultivating, the seed is distributed behind a soil mat to ensure soil throw from the discs does not disrupt seed distribution.

The machine on OPICO's new stand [B10a] at LAMMA is the trailed 3m Combi-Disc. It retails at £24,017 + VAT. The minimal disturbance disc openers are a new optional extra and cost £3,943 + VAT.

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