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Modifications to mixer wagon range will reduce costs through quicker mix time and increased auger longevity

Two new modifications to the Strautmann range of mixer wagons will allow farmers to save time and cut costs. A uniquely designed ‘stepped’ auger – the Vario2 – speeds mixing time and so reduces labour and tractor time. An optional wear strip made of INNODUR stainless steel will reduce corrosion of the auger between mixes, prolonging its lifetime.

All Strautmann mixer wagons – single and double augered, and self-propelled - will now come fitted with a Vario2 auger as standard. Its stepped design enables a good mix to be achieved more quickly.OPICO’s James Woolway explains: “Whilst this may only reduce mixing time by a minute or so per load, due to the number of mixes made each day, the labour and fuel savings will significantly add up over time.”

Longer term, machinery repair and replacement costs can be reduced by requesting the INNODUR stainless steel wear strip to be fitted to the leading edge of the auger. This is a replaceable part, further extending machine lifetime. For a VertiMix 951 single auger feeder this option retails at £272 plus VAT, and for a VertiMix 3101 double auger feeder, £943 plus VAT. 

Mr Woolway adds: “Strautmann mixer wagons are already known for their low HP requirement, mix quality and build quality. These new modifications will further add to their appeal for livestock farmers looking to minimise costs of production.”

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