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Low cost shearbolt model HE-VA stubble cultivator on show at Cereals

At Cereals, OPICO will be introducing the shearbolt version of the HE-VA Triple Tiller – a high speed stubble cultivator with three rows of tines, providing a lower cost option than the auto reset version. Shearbolt leg protection is available for all sizes: 3m mounted and 3m, 4m and 5m trailed, to suit those farms where the auto reset leg is not required.

Tines are available either with chisel points for deep cultivation and residue incorporation, or with duckfoot shares to cultivate the whole ground at a shallower depth for min-till or stale seedbeds. The levelling tines and V-profile roller fitted to the back of the Triple Tiller ensure a level consolidated finish is achieved. It is designed to work the ground down to a depth of 300mm.

OPICO’s James Woolway explains: “The Triple Tiller was initially developed in response to market demand for a faster cultivator with less moving parts. Following in the footsteps of the original auto reset Triple Tiller, we have now introduced a lower cost alternative with shearbolt leg protection. 

“There are a range of extra options so the machines can be adapted according to the conditions and cultivation required, with something to suit everyone. The shearbolt has exactly the same configurations as the auto-reset, the difference between them is the price.

*“A 3m mounted Triple Tiller with auto-reset costs £14,020, whereas the shearbolt version costs £10,960, so a saving of £3,060. It’s a similar saving for the other versions too.”

*Price listed is the price of the machine at the time the article was published and maybe incorrect if you are reading this artilce at a later date, please enquire for upto date pricing.

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