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Last minute addition to LAMMA line-up – the HE-VA Grass-Combi

Fresh off the boat from Denmark, HE-VA’s new Grass-Combi will take centre stage on the OPICO stand at LAMMA.

HE-VA Grass-Combi fitted with Stocks Ag Turbo Jet seeder

Designed to be a true multi-tasker, with its combination of levelling board, heavy duty spring tines, seeder unit and the option of towing a roller, the new harrow is capable of rejuvenating grassland as well as acting as a stubble harrow and cover-crop establishment tool.

Up front there’s the choice of either rigid levelling bars or sprung Shattaboard paddles to deal with high spots like mole-hills, carrying soil with it to backfill dips and ruts. In a cereal situation the paddles will also carry crop residue to even out chaff and chopped straw across the whole field surface.

Behind this are three rows of hydraulically-adjustable circular-profile spring tines. 12mm in diameter, they rip out any dead or decaying vegetative matter to open up the sward for fresh growth. Their scratch effect also serves to create a micro-tilth for crop establishment at the same time as generating a small amount of nitrogen mineralisation for emerging seedlings.

At the rear of the machine’s frame are four height-adjustable wheels. As well as providing all-important depth control, these also enable the Grass-Combi to further extend its versatility. Fitted with Cat II linkage hooks and a clevis hitch, the unit can tow a roller to reconsolidate the ground behind it and generate maximum seed-to-soil contact.

CAD drawing of HE-VA Grass-Combi

Fitted with a proper step and loading platform, the Stocks Ag Turbo-Jet 8 seed applicator mounted on the Grass-Combi has a high output electric fan and sophisticated i-CON controller to ensure precise rate control with even the smallest seeds.

Available at 6m working width, the HE-VA Grass-Combi folds to within 2.5m for transport.

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