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Kubota M5740 Front Linkage & PTO

OPICO has further expanded it range of tailor-made front-linkages for kubota tractors with a 1.5 ton capacity unit for the Kubota M5740 series.

An eccentric pin design gives a choice of three link arm working positions, fixed, semi and fully-floating, and a vertical fold system tacks the arms clse into the tractor.

This Kubota M5740 Front Linkage & PTO has a heavy-duty gearbox with its own oil supply and an electro-hydraulic 'Soft start' clutch to prevent 'snatching' when the pto is engaed.

The bespoke design and simplicity of the Kubota M5740 Front Linkage & PTO linkage is said to give it extra strength with few moving parts and it is priced at £2324 or £5325 with a pto. A fitting service is available costing from £250 - £550

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