Sky get FACTS right with Joe Redman

Joe RedmanOPICO's Sky drill Product Specialist, Joe Redman has recently qualified as a FACTS advisor, ensuring that customers can get up-to-date, expert advice on nutrient management if considering purchasing a Sky drill. 

"The Sky EasyDrill and MaxiDrill both have the option to add fertiliser to the hopper," commented Joe, "and getting FACTS qualified has given me a broader, in-depth knowledge of fertilisers on-farm, ensuring that I can advise farmers about how best these drills could fit into their nutrient management regime.

Minimum-till and no-till cultivation systems require a great deal more planning than just purchasing a new piece of shiny machinery and at OPICO we pride ourselves in being able to offer much more than just the drill."

All Sky drills can be specified with a second distribution mechanism for fertiliser at the time of order, allowing fertiliser to be added separately to the seed but in the same pass. The drills also undergo a fertiliser proof painting process, to avoid corrosion and ensure longevity of use. 

FACTS is an independent non-statutory certification Scheme for advisers in plant nutrient management. It was established in 1993 and is run by BASIS® Registration Ltd.