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New hydraulic reset for Subsoiler, and one pass cultivation with Disc Roller

Perfect partners for one pass subsoiling and cultivation: the HE-VA Combi-Lift subsoiler which now comes with hydraulic reset, used in combination with the HE-VA Disc Roller.

At the Royal Highland Show, OPICO will be launching a hydraulic reset model of the HE-VA Combi-Lift subsoiler enabling high work rates on hard or stony ground.

The hydraulic reset includes an accumulator and pressure gauge so it can be adapted to ground conditions. A subsoiling depth of up to 350mm (14") can be adjusted from the tractor seat.

Moreover, the Combi-Lift combines with the HE-VA disc roller so that in one pass the lower soil structure is loosened by the subsoiler, and the disc roller cultivates the top 125mm to incorporate crop residues and produce tilth ready for the next crop.

The Combi-Lift integrates with the Disc Roller via a 3 point linkage, and according to the ground requirements, either both or just the discs or subsoiler can be used.

OPICO's James Woolway explains: "Reducing tillage costs is one of the key elements in keeping a profit showing on the bottom line. HE-VA has always looked hard at utilising machines to a maximum so that several jobs can be done in one man/tractor pass.

"Now the Disc Roller can be used in conjunction with the new Combi-Lift as a one-pass sub-soiling and surface cultivation tool."

The cost of the 3m Hydraulic Reset 5 leg Combi-Lift is £12,397. When the Combi-Lift is partnered with the 3m trailed Disc Roller, as shown in the photograph, the total cost of the unit is £29,666.

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