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Hydraulic folding sward slitter

Further extending its range of grassland maintenance machines, OPICO has launched two new wider Sward Slitters - with 5m and 6m working widths – which will speed up work rates.

The 6m Hydraulic Folding Sward Slitter has a slitting axle consisting of 36 rotors with 4 blades each to give 144 blades, weighs 1150kg and costs £8,305+VAT. The 5m working width model has 28 rotors and 112 blades, weighs 940kg and costs £7,688+VAT. Both have a transport width of 2.95m.

The heavy duty frame of both Sward Slitters includes a weight carrying rack, however sets of additional disc weights can be purchased for £253/set, to aid penetration in dry conditions.

As with the original 2.9m Sward Slitter, the blades have points which incorporate a chamfered trailing edge. This limits the turf damage when each knife comes out of the soil, so leaving a better finish.

OPICO MD James Woolway explains: “These 5m and 6m Sward Slitters are designed for large farms and contractors. They are not the cheapest on the market but they are of a stronger and heavier build than most. With the split-folding design, the 6m Sward Slitter will can cover twice the ground of the original slitter, halving the time and cutting the fuel cost.”

 He adds: “The Sward Slitter is designed for the removal of surface compaction and capping. For deeper compaction – greater than 12cm - like that caused by heavy machinery then a Sward Lifter should be used to break up the mineral pan and improve drainage.”

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