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New heavy-duty, high speed, trailed seedbed cultivator to be launched

At Tillage-Live 2013 [11th September, Lincolnshire], OPICO will be introducing the new HE-VA Euro-Tiller – a heavy duty, high speed,trailed cultivation and levelling machine. It can work at speeds of up to 16km/h, is available in 6m, 7m, 8m and 9m working widths, and folds down to 3m for transport.

The Euro-Tiller comprises of4 rows of cultivator tines, a Shattaboard, another 5 rows of tines, a second Shattaboard and then a harrow. The cultivating tines are designed to break up dried out plough furrows or crusty ground, whilst the Shattaboard tines level the soil.  The harrowthen ensures that an even seedbed is left.

Each elementis individually adjustable and the machine runs on multiple depth wheels spread across the width of the cultivator. This allows it to follow the ground and ensures uniform depth of cultivation.

OPICO’s James Woolway explains: “HE-VA has been producing mounted and trailed seedbed cultivators for over 20 years, but they were designed to suit European soil conditions and lighter spring cultivations. We’ve been working with them to develop a trailed seedbed cultivator more suitable for British soils.

“The Euro-Tiller is suitable for both spring and autumn cultivations and provides an alternative when creating a seedbed to a power harrow or other PTO-powered machine.”

A 6m Euro-Tiller costs £27,584 + VAT (pricing based on 2013). Farmers can phone 01778 421111 for more details

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