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A new trading division has been created by OPICO Ltd to handle the range of Danish HE-VA cultivation and seedbed preparation equipment in the UK. A network of key specialist dealers is being appointed throughout the country to provide a comprehensive, first-class service for farmer customers and enable OPICO to continue to expand and capture the full potential of the growing HE-VA brand in the arable sector.

OPICO have launched a number of He-VA ideas and products during the past ten years to meet the growing demand for cost effective cultivations and seedbed establishment. HE-VA products such as the rolls, Shattaboard and Shattapress have played a significant part in OPICO’s growth during that time.

Now, however, instead of being marketed under the well-known OPICO brand, the range will have its own HE-VA brand identity in the UK to run alongside OPICO.

HE-VA has been established in the agricultural sector for over 30 years and has two substantial factories on the island of Mors where over 100 people are employed. The company is committed to a policy of expansion and intends to become a major supplier of cultivation products in the European and worldwide markets.

“OPICO have been synonymous with problem solving and innovation in the agricultural machinery market for over 35 years and are committed to maintaining that position”, said sales director James Woolway. “Now, in addition to offering a variety of products for the grassland, arable, grain drying and vegetable production markets, we are offering a separate specialist cultivation range to give arable farmers the products and services they need to improve efficiency and cost control.”

High-speed cultivation
The latest addition to the HE-VA range in the UK is the new Disc Roller, a high-speed, high output machine for farms with many hectares of work to cover in a short space of time. It is the result of two years’ development to find the ideal combination of disc angle and packer ring to give excellent incorporation, mixing and consolidation in one high-speed pass.

Compact and manoeuvrable around the field and on the road, the Disc Roller is simple to operate. Highly versatile, it can be used to incorporate stubble and other crop residues to a depth of up to 125mm (5 inches) in minimal tillage cultivations or for working ploughed land prior to drilling.

A weight of one tonne per metre gives an effective slicing action combined with an efficient consolidating press for secondary cultivations.

A unique feature of the Disc Roller is its Depth Synchronised Disc technology. Two rows of offset scalloped discs mounted on a twin roller race bearing hub assembly are set at +18°/-18° to the direction of travel. This configuration aggressively cuts all the soil in one pass, mixing and chopping crop residues thoroughly.

When the operator needs the machine to work deeper, the tractor hydraulics are used to alter the working depth of the discs. This transfers more weight to the discs but more importantly, changes the angle of the disc in its approach to the work, producing a more aggressive action that effectively pulls the discs into the soil.

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