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HE-VA Grass Rolls and Grass Rejuvenator and the benefits of grassland maintenance

Grass Roller Dec 21As more farmers see the benefits of soil conditioning and grassland maintenance, HE-VA are perfectly placed to help farmers to reduce their feed costs, improve soil health and increase their profits by achieving greater yields from their grassland.

In the current challenging climate, all livestock producers are under pressure to maximise their cheapest food source – forage.

HE-VA Grass Rolls

Combining high-capacity grass rolling with superb contour following and efficient road transport.  HE-VA’s folding grass rolls use existing HE-VA rolls technology to ensure balanced pressure across the full working width. 

Whether pushing down stones, levelling out poached ground or creating a better plant/soil contact in puffy soils after frost heave HE-VA’s grass rolls are essential for grassland field maintenance.


HE-VA Grass Rejuvenator

With its aggressive levelling board, two rows of tines and star rings, HE-VA’s Grass Rejuvenator is an ideal machine to overseed or reseed grassland.  Designed to cultivate and level tired grassland or bare soil and to create the ideal fine tilth for seed to germinate in.


Soil/seed contact is essential in establishing small grass seeds and HE-VA’s rolls technology –central pivoting and even weight transfer, ensures the self-cleaning ‘Star Ring’ roller adapts to field contours, leaving a consolidated and weatherproof, yet friable finish.


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