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New seeding system improves accuracy of drilling depth when Till-Seeding oilseed rape

At LAMMA, OPICO is launching the new HE-VA Accu Disc Till-Seeding system for oilseed rape. Bolting behind a HE-VA subsoiler or disc roller, it places the seed at a consistent and accurate depth behind the subsoiler leg, thus further improving establishment and uniformity of plant size in the emerging crop.

OPICO’s James Woolway explains: “This is the next step in the evolution of Till-Seeding – the establishment technique where the seed is drilled in line with the subsoiler legs into the stubble. Till-Seeding leads to better overall crop establishment, improved root structure, stronger plants and growth, and ultimately better yields.

“Crop establishment is already very good with Till-Seeding, but drilling at a consistent depth gives even better results. Although other companies are promoting the use of precision drills, OPICO trials have shown that the key is to drill at a consistent depth to improve germination and evenness of plant size.”

Each Accu Disc unit consists of a double disc coulter to open a slot in the soil and place the seed. The coulter is on a spring-mounted parallelogram which enables pressure to be adjusted so it can accurately follow the contours of the soil, thus ensuring every seed is drilled to the same depth. The discs are followed by a rubber press wheel which closes and consolidates the seed slot, ensuring seed to soil contact. The Accu Disc units are in turn mounted on a seed bar which provides a centralised depth and pressure adjustment, making it simple to set the seed depth.

OPICO has run trials in England, Scotland and Denmark over the past two years with the HE-VA Accu Disc. These have shown that drilling at a consistent depth improves germination of the seed, consistency in plant size, and allows significant cuts in seed rate to be made.

Mr Woolway adds: “With some agrochemicals rape seed needs to be buried so that germination and growth are not affected. The double disc and press wheel system of the Accu Disc ensures this is the case.”

Also new at LAMMA will be the HE-VA easy draft legs which are available as an option on new subsoilers, or can be retrofitted to existing machines. These are ideal when farmers do not need to subsoil deeply to alleviate compaction and also want to reduce HP and diesel usage, but still require the benefit from improved rooting of rape plants behind the subsoiler legs.

The HE-VA Accu Disc seeding system is available in 3m (5 leg), 3.5m, 4.4m folding and 5m (9 leg) folding models. Prices range from £3,564+VAT up to £6,378+VAT. For more details, contractors and farmers can contact OPICO on 01778 421111 or visit the website

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