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OPICO Grass Harrow Saves on Cost of Reseeding.

Graham Reed, as well as running an electronics business, farms 'Lightfoot Alpacas' on the edge of Bedgebury Forest in the Weald of Kent. With a heard of close to 400 alpacas, originally imported from Chile and Peru, grazing on limited acreage, it became necessary to maximise the use of grassland.

Conventional reseeding cost becoming prohibitive, Graham purchased and OPICO grass harrow and air seeder. This unit gives the option of normal grass harrowing, reseeding or over seeding pastures as required - a very cost effective and accurate process of putting vitality and yeild back into old pastures, without interupting production.

The grass harrow spring tines penetrate poached and worn areas creating a surface for reseeding. Seed from the air seeder is positioned forward of the harrow tines, which incorporates it into a shallow tilth on the surface surface encoraging quick growth.

Graham had the pleasure of receiving the award for Best Adult Alpaca at the Royal Show. The fleeces from the alpacas are sent to mills in Lincolnshire for processing, and the alpacas are marketed throughout the UK and Europe.

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