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Grass Harrow and Seeder Customer Testimonial

OPICO Grass Harrow and SeederGood quality grassland is very important to Jeff who farms in Tyne Valley with his wife Paula and son William. They rear Hereford cattle for Waitrose and an important part of the cattle's diet is they are grass fed. Jeff had a grass harrow which he replaced at the Rickerby Show with a 6m Grass Harrow and Air 8 seeder.

"Rickerbys do great deals at their Spring show so I purchased the OPICO there", said Jeff. "I like that the seeder can be used with or without the harrow and the tines do a great job of opening up the sward when I am regenerating pasture land. The twin electric fans deliver the seed precisely. It's easy to calibrate and control from the tractor cab and covering a 6 metre width reduces time and get the job done faster."

The Air 8 is available as a mechanical drive seeder with a stepless gearbox to control the work and seed rate, or as an electronic machine with an in cab computer control box that constantly measures the seed rate. All OPICO seeders have a heavy duty spoked land wheel that follows the ground to give constant seed related metering.

Jeff has 235 acres of which 200 are grassland. He will renovate around 25 acres per year and take the seeder over the remaining grassland in the spring.


This article was originally published in the Rickerby Virtual Show magazine.

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