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Four-wheel FarmDroid – Extra versatility for energy-independent seed-and-weed robot

A last-minute addition to the OPICO stand at LAMMA, the company will have a four-wheeled version of the solar-powered FarmDroid on display at the event.

Until now the autonomous seed-and-weed robot has only been available in three-wheeler format, limiting its ability to operate in certain specialist applications such as with salads and herbs grown on narrow row-spacings.

The four-wheeler changes all that. With pairs of wheels running in the same tracks front and rear, the unit can effectively straddle the rows of crop, enabling it to plant seed into flat beds and return subsequently to weed between the seedlings without running any crop down.

Four-wheeled FarmDroid weeding crop of organic onions

Ultra-precise RTK-corrected GPS guidance means the FarmDroid can work autonomously, returning to the same wheelings time and time again with less than 5mm deviation from the original line of work. This same technology is what makes it possible for the machine to record exactly where it plants each seed, enabling its knife-shares to weed to within 5mm of each seedling.

Having a wheel at each corner also means this latest version is more stable on sloping ground. By reducing the opportunity for a shift in weight distribution when the unit is traversing inclines, the extra wheel means traction is maintained and reduces the need for the addition of extra ballast to retain grip in tough going.

This latest development is the first of a number of innovations set to widen the FarmDroid’s scope of operations in the UK.

FarmDroid FD20 weeding elements

The Danish firm is working on a range of new technology that will give its machines even greater appeal to a wider audience, particularly those looking to reduce pesticide use, move towards energy independence and automate certain operations.

Rear view of four-wheeled FarmDroid FD20 weeding organic onions in the UK

The company’s Rasmus Thuesen, Regional Sales Manager from Denmark, will be on hand at LAMMA to answer any questions on the FarmDroid.

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