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First display of new trailed no-till and min-till drills at LAMMA

LAMMA visitors will be able to see for the first time, two new trailed drills from French manufacturer Sky Agriculture - the no-till EasyDrill and the min-till MaxiDrill, which have just been introduced into the UK by OPICO [stand no: B10a].

The EasyDrill is easy to set-up and use, and its unique design confers great versatility. It is suitable for no-till, minimum till, or conventional drilling systems, and is also an ideal choice for drilling into cover crops.

The MaxiDrill is designed to provide a high speed minimum tillage drilling solution with various options which give it the flexibility to work in a conventional plough-based cultivation system, and also as a no-till drill in light soils. Moreover its clever design allows drilling to continue even when conditions turn sticky.

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