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FarmDroid sells robot #250 within 2 years

The innovative Danish robot manufacturer FarmDroid achieves a major milestone after having sold field robot number 250.

In 2022, FarmDroid has experienced an increased interest in field robots, resulting in a growing sale of the FarmDroid FD20 robot. It has been a successful, but also busy year for FarmDroid so far. Recently they sold robot number 250, which was a remarkable achievement for this young robotics company.

“I’m incredibly happy and proud of the dedicated team effort that has been delivered to reach this impressive and important milestone, only two years after we delivered the first FarmDroid FD20 robot” says René Jannick Jørgensen, CEO of FarmDroid. He adds “it has been important for us since the beginning to be very close to the farmers, to see, listen and learn how they are using and would like to use our FarmDroid. The close and strong collaboration that we have with our end-users and especially our distributors, has been a key factor for this rapid adoption of the FarmDroid technology in real-life farming”.

Worldwide demands for clean, renewable energy, rising energy prices, labour issues and an intensified focus on sustainable crops have urged farmers to consider alternative means of farming. All these factors have led to farmers becoming more aware of innovative and automated farming solutions, such as robot technology.

The FarmDroid is a fully automatic, zero-emission field robot. The robot runs on pure solar power, and it is thus carbon neutral. It takes care of both seeding and mechanical weed control, reducing the farmer’s costs of labour drastically. In this way, the robot addresses many of the farmer’s contemporary challenges with energy costs, environmental factors, and lack of labour.

Since the company was founded by the two brothers Jens Warming and Kristian Warming in 2018, it has developed rapidly. Not only has the company been on an incredible growth journey, but the robot has undergone continuous improvement since the first prototype.

“From the first prototype of our robot, that we experimented with on our family farm, till now and the robot as we know it today – has been an amazing experience. With our roots in farming my brother, Jens, saw a potential for a robot that could remove weeds in a sugar beet field. Since then, our field robot has been greatly refined and commercialized and we now see new potential in the other types of crops that it can handle”, says Kristian Vest Warming, Co-Founder and Chief of Farming Robots of FarmDroid.

To celebrate their achievement of selling 250 robots, FarmDroid invited friends and family for a festive day, where they got a chance to see the robot in live-action.

To hear from FarmDroid CEO René Jannick Jørgensen regarding this milestone, click here: Thank you for helping us reach this milestone

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