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Disc Roller Contour - cost effective establishment of cover crops

Keeping control of the costs in establishing cover crops

While the introduction of cover crops has been a further boost to soil health at Wistaton Farm in Herefordshire, Farm Manager Steve Klenk is also ensuring seed and establishment costs are kept to a minimum.

Steve comments "We are using the Disc Roller as the primary cultivator on fresh stubble.  The discs move all the ground and loosen the soil.  We only need to go down  1.5 in as we are not trying to alleviate compaction - going deeper is just using more diesel.  The depth control on the machine is very good.  The roller does a good job of consolidation and leaves a level finish.

Steve Klenk, Farm Manager, Wistaton Farm, Herefordshire

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Using the HE-VA Disc Roller Contour to disc in an old grass/clover ley - two passes are needed to break up the root systems, but only one is needed for cereals and maize.


Article first published inOctober 2018


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