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New recirculating batch dryer

OPICO will be displaying the new recirculating batch dryer - the Magna 3810 - at LAMMA this week. The 3810 and the even larger Magna 4610 are believed to be capable of higher throughput than any other grain dryer of this type on the market, thanks to their extra large drying zones.

OPICO MD Mr James Woolway explained: "The drying capacity and potential throughput of a batch dryer is dictated not just by its holding capacity but also by the size of the drying zone, or plenum chamber, and the speed with which the dryer is filled and emptied of grain. The new Magna 3810 and 4610 dryers are each designed with a Larger plenum chamber, a bigger fan and a more powerful burner than other dryers of this kind on the market. The high capacity loading and unloading augers help reduce non-drying time which also increases throughput. The holding capacities for the Magna 3810 and 4810 are 38t and 46t. respectively. Collectively these factors all add up to allowing a much faster drying rate, and so a higher rate of grain throughput is achieved”

The new Magna 3810 fully automatic dryer has a 38t holding capacity, and measures 3.99m in diameter and 7.8m in height with its standard horizontal discharge fitted. Moreover, it is rated at 16 t/hour when drying feed wheat.

Mr James Wootway explained: "Although these dryers can be moved around, the top sections must be dismantled for transport and it takes about a day to re-fit them. So, unlike the rest of the OPICO dryer range, the new Magna dryers are best suited to situations where they will remain in one place throughout the harvest and drying season.”

The Magna 3810 starts from £67617 retail for the PTO version whilst the Automatic Magna 4810 retails at £83012. Full technical specifications for both dryers can be found on or call 01778 421111.

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