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New front press with large 700mm rings gives even better consolidation

At the Highland Show, OPICO is launching a HE-VA front press with V-profile rings which are 700mm in diameter, to allow even better consolidation across a range of soil types and difficult working conditions. It is available in working widths of 3m and 4m.

OPICO’s MD James Woolway explains: “Standard V-profile rings are 600mm in diameter and are suitable for all soil types. This new larger 700mm diameter ring gives less rolling resistance and hence is easier to pull in soft light land and on heavy cloddy soils.

“Like the smaller 600mm V-profile rings, the 700mm version is made from pressed steel and has a castellated rib which ensures it keeps driving both in wet and sticky, or very light, soils.

“As with all HE-VA front presses, the design means it is effectively trailed and not pushed, allowing a smoother operation and better ground consolidation. This is due to a long headstock which acts as a front-mounted extension to the tractor, so that the pivot point is at the front, and the press follows behind.

“In addition, steering rollers on the headstock will self-centre the press to prevent it swaying when lifted on headland turns or in transport.”

The cost of a 3m wide HE-VA front press with 700mm V-profile discs is £5920 +VAT.

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