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OPICO Shatta's establishment costs

Printed in Farmers Guide September 2001

A new high output, one-man system for soil levelling and rolling in one pass is saving farmers time and money by reducing the machinery and manpower costs involved in seedbed establishment.

The combination of OPICO's Vari-Flex Rolls with the Shatta Board spring levelling board not only provides extra levelling and consolidation of ploughed ground; on lighter and medium soils, one pass after the plough works the ground down and consolidates it ready for the drill to go straight in, OPICO told Farmers Guide.

The levelling board, which is mounted just in front of the rolling assembly, can be lifted out of the way hydraulically when it is not required, eg for the final rolling of the seedbed. The hydraulics also control the board's working angle while a number of height positions can be selected for all soil situations.

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