Precision Placement - Maschio Gaspardo Chrono

Informational image about the Maschio Gaspardo precision drill the CHRONOFarm contractor has recently reviewed the precision drill marketing and included the new high speed precision drill from Maschio Gaspardo - the Chrono

The Chrono has been on field test in the UK this season - to find out more about the results click here

An important feature of the new Chrono series precision drills from Maschio Gaspardo is versatility.

Dominic Burt, from Maschio Gaspardo in the UK, said, 'an important factor is the unique metering system combining vacuum singulation with pressurised delivery. This can work with a wide range of crops because it maintains accuracy for small seeds such as oilseed rape as well as larger maize seeds. The Chrono can also work with crops such as soya, sunflowers and sugar beet. Oilseed rape is likely to be of particular significance for the Chrono drill, and with improved varieties arriving, it's a crop that could attract increased interest in the future'

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Article first appeared in Farm Contractor and large Scale Farmer logo November 2020