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Model 1200QF Specification
12 Ton 1200QF Diesel Grain Dryer

The 1200QF Model

12 ton approximate holding capacity

6 ton per hour throughput

Quite Fan (74Db)

Drive PTO / Electric

Optional: 3 phase power pack


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Drying capacity (21-16%)*

6 t/hr

Holding capacity

12t - 16m³

Height - working position / Sky-Vac

5.7m (18’8”) / 6.2m (20’4”)

Height - transport position / Sky-Vac

4.5m (14’9”)


2.55m (8’4”)

Length - working position

8.75m (28’8”)

Length - transport position

6.2m (24’4”)

Weight - empty

3250 kgs

Grain wall thickness

500mm (19¾”)

Vertical auger size

368mm (14½”)

Loading auger size

200mm (8”)

Unloading auger size (Optional)

250mm (10”)

Burner size - Diesel / Kerosene

2,420,000 BTU/hr (600,000 Kcal)

Fan type and size

Centrifugal ø 710mm (28”)

Fan rating and
Outlet static pressure

40,000 m³/hr @ 9.3Mbar
23,540 CFM @ 3.75”

PTO speed / Power required

470 rpm, 40kW (54hp)

Recirculating time

90 t/hr (8 min)

Loading rate

50 t/hr (12 min)

Unloading rate

80 t/hr (9 min)

Fuel tank capacity

460 litres

Electric drive requires 3-phase, 63 amp power supply.  Supply line to include 3-phases, earth and neutral on a dedicated circuit via residual current device and should be fitted by a qualified electrician.

Supply cable must not exceed 30 meters in length and be a minimum 10mm core.

Throughput per hour assumed 5% moisture reduction from 21% to 16%. Includes loading, heating, cooling and unloading time.

OPICO 2016 Product Price List

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Spec and Price
121200QF Twin (Non Electric) PTO 70+ hp 2.8m (9ft)
121200QF Single (Electric)* PTO 70+ hp 2.8m (9ft)
121200QF Twin (Non Electric) Electric 2.8m (9ft)
121200QF Single (Electric)* Electric 2.8m (9ft)
121200QF Twin (Electric)* Electric 2.8m (9ft)
Carriage Charge
3 Phase Electric Drive Power Pack (More Info Click Here)
Magna Sky Vac Dust Extractor (More Info Click Here)
Extended Electric Discharge - up to 5m (*1200QF Electric Discharge Dryers Only)
Extended Electric Discharge - up to 10m (*1200QF Electric Discharge Dryers Only)


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