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Benefits & Features

The Major Benefits of a Portable Dryer

Ease Of Installation

Minimal Management Input Requirements

Run On Clean LPG Gas - Require Minimal Service

Easily Sited And Maintain High Resale Values

Improved Presentation Of The Grain Sample Through The Polishing Effect Of The Continuous Recirculation

Improved Bushel Weight Through The Cleaning Action Of The Built In Grain Cleaner

Loading At Ground Level Discharge From The Top

Low Running Costs £1.50 Per Ton Per 5%

Quiet Fan - Ideal For Village Use Or Where Noise Presents A Problem

Features of a Portable Dryer

The OPICO XL range of dryers is the one you most commonly see on farms throughout the UK. The top of the range QF quiet fan dryer has eliminated the problems with neighbours with it's quiet fan and is entirely suitable for use in village environments.

Load from trailer or bulk hopper at ground level. No additional augers required.

12" central auger continually circulates the grain in the dryer at 60 tonnes an hour.

It's low 270 rpm handles the grain gently and the heavy duty flighting is built to stand the workload.

You can test the moisture level whenever you require with the built in grain sampler.

Wheels for easy transport.

The dryer holds a high second hand value and also is ideal for farms with two or three different drying locations.

The controls are sensibly located all in one area and management of your drying operation could not be more simple.

The OPICO round bin dryer design evenly distributes heated air for uniform drying. Hot and cold air pockets are eliminated. Drying without bridging ensures the grain flows smoothly.

The large hole perforated inner chamber ensures even heat distribution and the best possible performance on small grain varieties such as rape and even linseed.

The grain is in constant motion throughout the entire drying process and even flow is made possible by the positive agitator arms. Moving at a steady 8rpm the agitator removes any possibility of bridging.

Built in vaporiser allows accurate fuel efficient drying even in sub-zero temperatures. The vaporiser pulls liquid propane from the bottom of the gas tank and converts it into vapour.

Clean, efficient stainless steel burner ring designed to keep drying costs to a minimum places the gas at the point of maximum airflow.

Axial fan delivers powerful airflow for heating and cooling. Quiet fan dryers have the custom built, in-line centrifugal fan maintaining the same airflow while reducing noise levels down to 74 dba

Dryers are fitted with a service access door for easy servicing of the agitator drive. Modular access panels on power frame offer quick access for routing service.

Super tough powder coated sheets ensure long lasting appearance and minimum upkeep and at the same time smoother flow for the grain.

Central greaser location makes lubrication and maintenance simple.

All bearings are lubricated from one central point.

Heavy duty steel frame.

DCM controls on the 395, 595 and the 600 models allow for extremely precise, safe accurate drying.

Powerclutch allows operator to disengage fan at any time.. extremely useful when loading and unloading.

Pressure splitter pelmet assists in even flow under really wet conditions over 22% moisture content and also allows smaller batch loads to be dried.

All dryers are fitted as standard with grain cleaner


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Grain Dryer Installation Photo Gallery Grain Dryer Installation Photo Gallery


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